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Spreading happiness through art

I heart covers

By LoriP on February 7, 2012

Wow, I am so honored to have my artwork on Natural Awakenings Magazine again this month in select markets. ¬†If you go to Whole Foods or your library or health food store, you might find it there. ¬†I haven’t seen a hard copy of the magazine yet myself, but hopefully soon!

I am going to be taking a break from my blog for the rest of this week. ¬†It’s vacation time! ¬†This is the first winter we have not spent months buried in snow. ¬†Actually, we have had record amounts of “no snow whatsoever” here. ¬†Today my dogs went outside and fell asleep in the grass while basking in the sun. ¬†In February!

When I am back I will share more about a new video series I am starting titled: What’s Real? ¬†It is an inspired idea I have and I am just doing it. ¬†I am JUST DOING IT- Even though I am a little scared and doubtful thoughts are creeping in. ¬†Even though I am not sure exactly how. ¬†Even though I am new to my MacBook and just learning how to use iMovie. ¬†Even though in the middle of the night when I wake up to pee, I think I must be crazy to do this- I am doing it anyway. ¬†Yay!

It feels empowering and scary. ¬†We’ll see how it unfolds! ¬†Exciting!

I’ll be back next week. ¬†xoxo





Lori Portka

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  1. Ruth says:

    This gave me tingles of excitement!

  2. Leah says:

    Congratulations!! Your artwork is so vibrant. It carries within it its own welcoming soul. Enjoy your vacation Lori!

  3. Kate d says:

    Oh congrats Lori! U sound so alive & “on fire” in this post. U go girl! Can’t wait to come back & watch a video!

  4. Megan says:

    CONGRATS! Your artwork looks amazing as cover art :)

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