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A Few Things I Am Loving

This book is seriously rocking my world. It has come at exactly the right time and is completely changing the way I see my home.

My new Danskos. More importantly, not wearing socks with my new Danskos. It’s still cold here but the sun is out and the socks are off.

Artwork in progress.

This gorgeous little book, 365 Gratefuls. I will be doing a giveaway soon with this book!

Blue skies.

I am also loving Alana Sheeren’s Transformation Talks like this one with photographer, Vivenne McMaster.  And Trust Notes by Kristin Noelle (one of my most favorite emails to receive.)  Such goodness.

What are you loving today?

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  • Naomi April 4, 2013

    This book looks good. I just got the one right next to it, The Muse Is In. What a coincidence!!

    • LoriP April 4, 2013

      Naomi, that is so crazy. I looked at that book when I was picking up 365 Gratefuls! I was wondering if it would be good. xoxo

  • Alana April 4, 2013

    I love these little snapshots of your world! Thanks for sharing Viv’s interview. And now I have more books to look at! xoxo

    • LoriP April 5, 2013

      Love that interview of you two!

  • liz April 5, 2013

    Just put SoulSpace in my Amazon cart. Love these peeks into your world!

  • LoriP April 5, 2013

    Liz, it is seriously soooo good. I’m only at the very beginning because I am going through all of the steps. It will be big work to turn my home into a soul space but I am so committed to doing it. With some things I am on the right track and other parts are in terrible need of care. It is already a deep (and hard and lovely) process. xoxo

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