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A lesson in self care

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I’ve had a big lesson in self-care this week. I was just sharing with my business group that I need to take scheduled days off of working. Since I started working for myself, weekdays flow into weekends and I notice that I rarely have an entire day without working at all. I truly love the work I do, but I still need time away from it.

Then out of nowhere, I got so sick overnight that I couldn’t really work at all. I was given a day off but it wasn’t fun! All of this planning for the National Stationary Show has made me hyper-vigilant with to-do lists and deadlines that I think I forgot to have fun with it all too.

So, that is my lesson for the week. I feel changed from it and grateful that I am starting to feel better. I hope you are all feeling vibrantly healthy and happy!

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  • Nancy Stickel April 7, 2020

    Is this available in a print for purchase? I didn’t see it on the website.


    • Lori April 7, 2020

      Hi Nancy, I’m sorry I do not have any more of that print and my printer is temporarily closed. I will have more eventually but I’m not sure when.

      • Nancy Stickel February 9, 2021

        I’m still interested in this print. I have a rebounder and I am decorating my workout area. This would be perfect.

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