Art and Love from Me to You

a letter to Claudia

Dear Claudia,

I miss you.

I miss your sweet face and your soft fur and your crooked ear. I miss seeing you as soon as I come in the house, everyday. Toward the end, you wouldn’t wake up because you couldn’t hear me. I miss seeing you sleeping peacefully and knowing that in that moment everything was OK.

My friend says our dogs bear silent witness to every single thing that happens in our lives. You were with me on all of those long healing walks after the divorce. I feel like with you I healed my heart, practiced forgiveness and moved on. And you watched as we adjusted to our new family. You stayed with me until I got all settled in and happy. Thank you for being here with me.

I hope I didn’t keep you here too long. I didn’t want you to suffer and I didn’t want to let you go. I hope the timing was just right for you. I hope you are running now in fields of green grass. Running fast like you used to, chasing squirrels.

You were so loved sweet girl. And you are always in my heart.

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