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I recently finished a painting for my dentist’s office. He wanted it to hang right in front of where his patients sit in the dental chair. This was a super fun painting to make because I pretty much had the artistic license to do whatever I wanted. Before I started, I set the intention to make a painting that would be calming and a sweet distraction from the anxiety of dental work.

I know about this anxiety because I am someone who has had a lot of dental work over the years! Recently, I got a new porcelain front tooth. About ten years ago I knocked out my front tooth opening a car door (on a date with my now husband very, very early in the relationship.  I know. Crazy!) The first replacement never really looked right. Then over the years the cement inside leaked and it turned grey. But this porcelain tooth looks and feels so much like my original tooth. I know it is just a tooth, but on some level it feels like something has healed inside me that is bigger than all of this.

Here I am looking at my tooth in my car after my appointment.

Here I am looking at my tooth in my car after my appointment.

I am so SO grateful for my dentist. It was easy for me to pour tons of love and compassion into this painting. I really do believe that original artwork carries an energy. I hope that this painting adds some comfort and joy to the little dental room where it hangs.

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  • Lisa Gonzalez June 25, 2013

    It’s beautiful!!! Your work is so joyful and calming. I’m sure many dental patients will be eased by this beautiful piece.

    I totally understand the happiness that comes with a fixed tooth. It may be “just” a tooth but it means a whole lot more.

    Love to you, Lori!

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