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A Practice of Gratitude

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For me, gratitude is a practice.  

My first thoughts are not always of gratitude, even in situations where there is a lot to be grateful for.  If I am not present, I often don’t even realize the blessings.  

One thing I have learned from making 100 paintings for 100 people, is that gratitude grows.  The more thankful I am, the more thankful I become.  

This idea -focusing on gratitude creates even more reasons to be grateful- is the inspiration behind my Gratitude Kit, A Month of Thank Yous.  I want to extend my experience of making and giving away a hundred paintings in gratitude, and turn it into something that will keep on giving and spreading love and thankfulness to even more people, for a longer time to come.

The energy of gratitude is real.  It grows and expands, gathering more and more good with it.  

This Gratitude Pack has 30 different postcards of my artwork for a month’s worth of giving thanks to people who have made your life brighter.  You might want to stretch out the experience and send one post card a week.  You could keep your favorite cards as a gift to yourself.  You could have a dinner party, put one card on every plate and write one thing you love about each person on the back of the card.  

The possibilities are endless.  I’d love to hear your ideas for using the Gratitude Kit, if you’re open to sharing!


Love has wings.  Love spreads and heals. Give the gift of love to someone special to you…

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  • mara schwartz August 21, 2013

    I am so grateful to spend a week with my son and husband. It had been 8 months since our son
    was home for a visit. love love love!

  • Tammie August 21, 2013

    I lo e your work! I bought your calendar 2years ago and still use the picture part as inspiration.


  • Marie August 21, 2013

    In this very moment, I am grateful for the harvest. So much delicious foods to put up, Pickles, Peaches, strawberries, rasberries, mulberries, green beans and ahhhh Pesto the magic green goodness from the Earth.
    Ps: Very nice new visuals into your world…..Thank you for being!!! 🙂

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