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All She Did Was Listen

The photo shown above of Rachel’s book is from an initial prototype…a real photo of the book will be included in her Etsy shop once the book comes out on December 1, 2012.

My dear friend, Rachel Awes, has a new book, All I Did Was Listen, available for pre-order.

I almost hardly know where to begin to explain my experience with reading the prototype of her book on our artist’s retreat in Minnesota.  Picture Rachel and I sitting on her couch, snuggled under blankets.  I hold the book in my hands and start pouring through the pages.  

I know all the hard work and years (and blood sweat and tears!) it has taken for Rachel to put this book together.  I knew it was going to be remarkable and lovely, but honestly, it blew me away.  Rachel is a gifted writer and her words cut straight to the  heart of it all.  

I believe that everyone has the basic need to be seen and be heard.  One of the most beautiful things about Rachel is her ability to listen and care.  I mean, she really hears you, so much that when you have a conversation with her, the rest of the world fades in the background.  Her gift of seeing and hearing comes through so strongly in All I Did Was Listen.  It is deeply relatable, speaking about universal experiences in such a sweet and loving way.  

Rachel Awes holding a piece of her artwork.

“Rachel’s words and art are an uncommon elixir that travels straight to the heart by way of the soul.  Her book is simply a spiritual must.  I’ve dreamed about its pages and know you will too. profound, transformational, and elegant.”
author, artist, succulant wild woman
“I was so moved by this lovely and honest book by rachel awes. I found myself returning to its pages day after day for a daily dose of meaningful inspiration. Rachel’s gift for pairing her unique illustrations with touching, often profound, wisdom spoke to my most tender pieces of what it means to live bravely, love deeply, and pay attention to the beauty that exists in our everyday lives. All I Did Was Listen truly inspired me to lean into my life a bit closer, and take a closer listen for all big and small ways it teaches, uplifts, and heals.”
Kelly Rae Roberts
artist. author. possibilitarian.
I bought the girlfriend pack so I can give 4 away as gifts!   I can hardly wait to have a real copy in my hands.  

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  • rachel awes October 2, 2012


  • Rachél Payne October 2, 2012

    How exciting! I can’t wait to see it. Looks fabulous.

  • Alia October 3, 2012

    Thisi is gorgeous! I look forward to holding this beautiful book in my hands and savoring every bit of it. Loving you.

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