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Be Loud. Be Proud

Be Loud. Be Proud.

I made this painting for my husband’s niece who got the best teaching job ever in a charter school for girls. For inspiration, she gave me a list of sayings her school uses to motivate the girls.

When I first saw “Be loud, be proud,” I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I get the Be Proud part, but Be Loud? Really?

Oh, right. Of course. The whole idea of Being Loud conflicts with how I learned to be a quiet, Nice Girl. Quite, nice, non-confrontational, respectful. Best to be seen and not heard. Blend into the background. Do not speak up.

At 44, I still struggle at times with finding my voice. I still stay quiet when I have much to contribute. I have opinions and beliefs and feelings that I often keep to myself, to keep the peace.

I am a Peacemaker for certain. I’m introverted. I’m deeply compassionate. Being Loud kind of goes against the grain of my being. And I’m ok with that.

But I couldn’t help but wonder, what if, as a girl, I was taught to Be Loud and Proud instead of good and nice?

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