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beautiful Julia

I am so grateful because on my trip to Oregon, my husband and I got to meet my beautiful friend, Julia, and her sweet husband, Matt, in person!  It was a pure delight!  Warmth and kind-hearted energy pours out of her blog, The Painted Path.  I knew I would love her and connect right away, but it was even more wonderful than I had expected.

When I first sat down in front of Julia, I was almost staring at her.  Honestly, she glows.  She is just straight up love.  You can feel it in her presence.  I  love, love, love her.  We talked and shared and listened and laughed.  Like we knew each other longer.  Like we had already met in person.  Like we’ve known each other for years.  And in a way, I guess we have known each other for years, here on line, in our blogs and email.  Meeting in person was a true gift.

I am ever so grateful for this night with my friend.

Coming Home by Julia Fehrenbacher

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  • Jill Locke May 19, 2011

    I love that painting, it just draws you in! You both are beautiful and glowing!

  • Julia May 19, 2011

    Oh goodness, beautiful Lori…my heart is melting. Seriously, this has just touched me all over. I’m on my way out the door to go read with little people. (Kindergartners 🙂 I will connect again later. Know that you have made my entire day sparkly and bright.

    Loving you so much.

    ? Julia

  • Lisa G. May 19, 2011

    Oh goodness, the two of you in one place? Heaven! That Julia sure is amazing. As are you, Lori.


  • rachel awes May 19, 2011

    the photo of you & julia is GORRRGEOUS!!!!
    s h i n i n g together.
    what a GIFT to meet.
    i can only imagine
    the heaping serving
    of LOVE at that table.
    & that art of coming home
    it belongs above every mantle.

  • Liv @ Choosing Beauty May 19, 2011

    You look like sisters! And, clearly, you are. So thrilled you could meet – and I can wait to dive into Julia’s blog.

    P.S. Swooning over that glorious ocean view!

  • Alia May 19, 2011

    Two of my very favorite women in the whole wide world right here. Beautiful. One day I plan to be in a photo just like that with the two of you! 🙂

    You are both radiating pure love.

  • Traci May 19, 2011

    There’s nothing like the unexpected gift of a soul sister…

  • April Cole May 20, 2011

    How sweet!
    Nothing like spending time with a very special person :]
    Love the photo, thank you for sharing your story.

  • Elloa May 20, 2011

    I just knew it was Julia you were heading out to see when you hinted at it the other day. Amazing!

    I’m so thrilled that you got that chance to connect and hang out. Wow; I love that anything is possible.

    Elloa xxx

  • Oh how wonderful for you guys. I tell ya, someday (most days) I find more support for my artwork and on-goings than from the people physcially near me (besides my honey of course:D). Blogging friendships, I am learning can be just as powerful as ‘real in life’ friendships…and I am so glad your meeting with Julia just solidified everything beautifully. XXOO.

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