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Because Truth Telling…

“Because truth telling takes away the power the story has over you.” -Jenny Graham

My beautiful business doula, Jenny Graham, shared her heart over on Heather’s blog, Vital Being Wellness.  Jenny told her story about loss and healing and it made me cry.  I love brave-hearted women warriors.  It is through sharing our truth that we heal and we help to heal others.

I have a new cover for my gratitude kit!  I am so happy about it.  I wanted to get the gratitude kit out into the world at the time of my art opening in June even thought I wanted the cover to be prettier. With everything else I had to do for the show, the cover took a back seat.  I learned a lot from just “getting it out there” even if it didn’t feel absolutely perfect to me.  I think in the past I would not release a new project until it was “perfect” in my mind- which often meant it never got released at all.  What I realize now is that I am always learning and growing… things evolve and become better.  This is all good.


Here is a new poster in my shop and lots more coming soon including *new* Bangles (squeeeeeeal!) on  Monday!



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  • kathryn October 12, 2012

    i LOVE the cover…it works so beautifully with the essence of gratitude!

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