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Being Present

This is part of a painting I made for one of my dear friends who has this amazing calm presence about her.  When I talk to her I feel like I am the only person around, like I have her full attention, her whole heart, her entire presence.  Her ability to be fully present is such a beautiful gift and I aspire to be more like her.  I have 35 paintings finished for my Hundred Thank-Yous project.  Several more are almost finished.  I am having the Hundred Thank-Yous exhibition at the end of July.  This weekend my goal is to get really organized with all of my paintings.  I want to make a plan to follow through July.  And stick to it.  Yes!

One thing I have learned from this project is that focusing on all this gratitude for people is leading to more gratitude in my life.

Today I woke up feeling really good.

I am not a morning person.

I have struggled with mornings my entire life.  I wish I were more of a morning person.  I go from being mad at myself that I hate to get out of bed, to fully accepting myself as I am, and back to frustration again.  I am (trying) to be grateful before my feet even hit the floor.  I sit up in bed with my legs hanging over, and take a few breaths.  What am I grateful for?  Sometimes I say in my head sarcastically, “A bright new day. YAY.”  But slowly, this practice is seeping into heart and I am waking up easier and with a lightness and happiness I have never been accustomed to.  It is so much nicer to wake up feeling grateful.  (I’m sure it is for my husband too!)

Here is a  link to an article that was published about the project 365 Grateful and many people who are doing grateful projects.  I made me tear up- so touching!

Wishing you a sunny day!

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  • Jenn April 7, 2011

    It’s so nice to have friends like that, I really cherish those people in my life and try to reflect the gifts they give to me into the world.

    Also, eee! So excited about your show, you are gonna rock it, so hard. Yes.

    And I feel you on the morning bit. I was not a morning person at all, the snooze button & I were BFFs. But then I got this roommate who liked to get up at 530 every morning, her showering woke me up, every single day, so now I wake up at 530 (or before!) every day. The funny thing? I’d been thinking that I wanted to start getting up earlier, that I wished it was easier for me to do that, and now lo and behold, it is!

    The Universe, she’s got a funny sense of humor.


  • kathryn April 7, 2011

    Hi Lori,

    I wonder with all this gratitude you’re feeling if you’ve had situations, like in the book 29 Gifts, where really cool things started happening because of her giving so much? Altho to wake up in gratitude is pretty awesome side effect!!!

  • Julia April 7, 2011

    Hello Beautiful,

    Presence…something I’m constantly attempting to practice. I love you and all you’re about, my friend–and this gratitude project just sends my heart spinning, so so beautiful. I want to hear every detail about all this has been for you–I’m in awe.

    Loving you hugely. xo

  • Alia April 7, 2011

    Lori, coming here to your website and finding this new post was just what I needed this morning. I woke up to dreary skies and more rain and really just didn’t feel all that great – until seeing this new painting! I can only imagine what the full painting looks like. It just creates such a sense of joy within me. I love this project and admire your courage and commitment to really LIVING gratitude daily. So much love is radiating into the world because of YOU! Sending you a big hug and lots of love across the oceans…

  • Bárbara April 8, 2011

    Hi, Lori

    I’m grateful for you, for your wonderful art. You are one of my favorite artists. Really.

    All the love of my heart!

  • Liv @ Choosing Beauty April 8, 2011

    i think i’ve said this a million times already, but i so love that you’re doing this. what a gift to the world – and to yourself. hugs!

  • brooke April 8, 2011

    Beautiful sneak peek! I am so glad to hear how sweetness is seeping into your morning wake! I have always woken with a lot of anxiety. And recently, I found myself just going back to bed after taking the girls to school. But you know, I think that gentleness to myself was good. No more trying to bust through it! A friend sent me an email about making a God box. One of the things I put in the box was my anxiety in the mornings. That has made me feel better too!

    Thank you for sharing, brave, beautiful, real, person!XO

  • April Cole April 8, 2011

    Wonderful artwork! It is always a pleasure to visit your site. :]

  • Michelle M. Jones April 9, 2011

    I love your work–beautiful and uplifting. I’m going to check out the 365 project. Love the sound of that.

    AND I am not morning person either. Before kids, people tried to tell me that I would become one. Um, NO. But, I’m realizing lately that it’s part of my creative process. Before kids, I would lolly-gag in bad for hours in the morning, daydreaming, thinking, falling in and out of sleep. And I’m convinced that as a ‘creative’, it’s part of my process.

  • positively present April 10, 2011

    Wonderful post…Being present is so important and it’s one of the best ways to cultivate gratitude in our lives. Thanks for sharing your experience here!

  • kolleen April 10, 2011

    i love you and i love this post and i love that i am not the only one who feels this way in the morning…..oh i am so not a morning person either!!

    but, just like you, i am really trying!!!!
    some days are better than others!

    big huge loves to you.

  • rachel awes April 11, 2011

    lori, how i love this juicy slice of your calm art gift…
    (i love her too through the glimpse of your art!).
    & your gratitude mission is sooo amazing…
    it feels like one of those big things you’ll look back
    on your life when you are sitting at its’ edge,
    & REMEMBER & you will see it will be tied to GREAT PURPOSE.
    so good morning, dear friend. good morning to your
    dear & amazing life. love you. xoxox

  • robin norgren April 12, 2011


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