Art and Love from Me to You

Green is My Happy Place

See this girl on the mountain?  She is me.  Arms wide, looking out at the green fields, open to receive, feeling peaceful. This is a painting for a card in the Love Notes card deck that I illustrated for Kris Carr.  Now the original painting sits on my desk.  I am looking at it now… Read more

Amy, Lori, Hailey

My Gratitude Story : A Short Film

Lori's story – Gratitude Grows. from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo. A beautiful short film was made about my gratitude project and it is released today! My gorgeous friend and filmmaker Hailey Bartholomew (365 Grateful) inspired me to create my own gratitude project after I learned about hers. She then travelled over to the US from… Read more

I'm Publishing a Book

I’ve Been Dying to Tell You!!!

I’M PUBLISHING A BOOK with my friend, Liv Lane! We’re sharing personal stories along with inspirational messages and lessons from Spirit complete with original illustrations from me. For those of you who don’t know Liv, she’s a wonderful friend, a talented writer and mother of two boys, who happens to communicate with divine beings who call themselves… Read more

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

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Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Love Notes for You!

Hello friends!  I am beyond excited to share my newest collaboration with you!  I teamed up with Kris Carr to make this inspirational card deck, Crazy Sexy Love Notes. Kris and I put thoughtful attention into every word and painting.  I know you will feel that when you see the cards! When my sample box of Crazy… Read more

Reaching for the Light

I took this photo in Asheville, NC on a recent trip there.  I was in love with the gorgeous statue against the blue sky.  But when I looked at my iPhone photo, I nearly wept. The ray of light is going right across his hands!  He is reaching up and into the light.  I felt… Read more

Spring Cleaning Sale!

I’ve been working on new art and new greeting cards and I have ideas for new products so this got me thinking that it is time for a Spring Cleaning in my shipping studio! I’ve decided to retire my 2014 canvas print images and magnets to make room for new products. That’s good news for… Read more

Shine Your Light : Connecting with your Creative Angels

I believe my artwork comes through me and onto the canvas.  I don’t believe it is all created in my brain alone.  I think it is bigger than that.  Sometimes, I notice creative ideas or inspirations swirling around me, nudging me, letting me know they are ready to be expressed. When I did 100 paintings… Read more

Domino and Daisy

I got an email from the sweetest customer who purchased my canvas print of the two cats. She said they were just like her cats, Domino and Daisy. I thought that meant she had one black and one orange cat. But she meant literally! She sent me several photos of her two cats snuggling. How cute are… Read more

Saving a Bundle + My Studio Helper

We have an extra stack of large calendars that were printed accidentally and given to us at a lower price. So, we’ve decided to pass that deal on to you!  Yay! This calendar printing is my favorite this year so far.  I love how the colors turned out and the feel of the paper. “When… Read more