Gratitude Postcard Pack

This unique post card pack is a do it yourself pack of Gratitude. You'll receive 30 frame-able postcards printed on cardstock with directions for starting your own personal gratitude project. You will touch 30 people’s lives with love and sweetness and strengthen your ability to appreciate others. Your loving actions will reach farther than you can imagine. 


  • 30 different postcards (each for one day of the month)
  • Size - each card is 5x6" - printed on sturdy card stock with archival inks
  • Perfect for mailing or framing
  • Images are from paintings of my Hundred Thank Yous gratitude project
  • Gratitude Guide (simple directions and suggestions for using your kit)

Ideas for Using the Pack:

  • Sit down and write a list of 30 family, friends, and acquaintances that have had an impact on your life in some way - big or small!
  • Handwrite a loving note of Gratitude each day of the month for 30 days and mail it or deliver it directly to the person it's meant for. 
  • Invite your friends to coffee or lunch. Tell them one thing you love about them and give them a card.
  • Give away a Gratitude Kit as a gift.
  • Pick your favorite card and frame it for yourself – it’s important that we are grateful for all the hard work we do ourselves.

This card pack is inspired by the short film, Gratitude Grows, by Hailey Bartholomew an independent filmmaker who documented my gratitude project that was picked up on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday series.


My Gratitude Kit Story

Gratitude is central to how I want to live my life and inspires my work. Several years ago I decided to do a Gratitude project called A Hundred Thank Yous, I wrote a list of 100 people who had a positive influence on my life. They were friends, family, celebrities, artists, and inspirational leaders. It took 1.5 years to complete. At the end of the project, I held a gallery event, hung all of the paintings in one room, and invited everyone I made a painting for to attend. At the end of the event, I gave the paintings away to their owners!

During that time, I was deep in gratitude for each painting I made. In some ways, it was a challenge for me, both spiritually and emotionally. It stretched my ability to love, appreciate, and create. During my project, I was contacted by an independent filmmaker, Haily Bartholomew, who came to my hometown (at the time) in Upstate, New York. She filmed me and my paintings and the launch event where I exhibited all 100 paintings. The short film called Gratitude Grows found its way to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday series!

I found that I was more present and in the moment, appreciating the smallest of gifts. The consistent practice of gratitude brought even more things to be thankful for in my life. I wanted to extend gratitude beyond my original project to reach as many people as possible and that was when I came up with the idea to create A Month of Thank Yous – Gratitude Kit, using 30-images from my 100 Gratitude Paintings project.

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