Cats and Blooms Card Set

Last year was a year of painting cats! I decided to put them together in a set called Cats and Blooms. This is a 12-card set with 12 different cat cards.

This card set comes "cat approved." I shared the cards with my cats and they love them!

  • Size 5x7 - perfect for framing | vivid bright colors | blank inside
  • Comes with 12 colored envelopes
  • Packaged in a cello sleeve for protection
  • Wrapped with a pretty ribbon

The story of Nina and Lizzy, the inspiration for this set:

We adopted Nina first as a kitten from the local humane society. We fully planned to take home an adult cat but all the adult cats were already adopted. The volunteer told us to come back in a few days. Just as we were leaving she stopped and said that two new kittens had just come in. When we took a look, there was a little black kitten sitting under a cat tree. I picked her up and she promptly fell asleep purring, in my lap. That was it! She was ours!

Then in the fall, after our beloved greyhound, Lucca, died, we decided to see if we could get a friend for Nina. So we fostered a kitten in case Nina was territorial and not happy with a new friend. Lizzy was so tiny when we picked her up from the shelter. I quickly noticed that she would drag her foot behind her and that she wasn't eating or drinking much. She loved to be held and would just sit very still in my lap and purr. I noticed that she had a very sharp bone poking beneath the fur on her left leg. We took her to see the humane society vet and learned she had broken her leg very early on in her life. It had healed completely but was crooked with a shard of bone nearly puncturing her skin. She needed surgery to fix her leg and it was likely they would need to remove her leg entirely. We were so worried! It turns out they were able to file down her bone shard and she was able to keep her leg. We adopted her of course :)

Now she is 18 months old and she and Nina are best friends! They are both black with yellow eyes and it's getting very hard to tell them apart!
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