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Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Crazy Sexy Love Notes is a 52-card deck written by best selling author, Kris Carr with illustrations from me!

It is by far, one of the projects I am most proud of!

I think you will feel the love and caring we poured into each card.

Note from Kris Carr: It’s high time you gave yourself a healthy dose of self-love. The fact is, you deserve it. You are a magnificent, radiant being. You are divine. And you are awesome. The sooner you start embracing that and treating yourself accordingly, the sooner your life will begin to unfold with compassion, purpose, ease, health, and vitality.

Be Gentle With YourselfIn this card deck from New York Times best-selling author Kris Carr, featuring gorgeous illustrations by yours truly, you’ll find gentle, yet powerful reminders to help you care for and appreciate yourself at the deepest level.

Let these love notes guide you back home when you lose your way, and remind you to:

Choose Love – extend your love to all beings, most importantly yourself.

Nourish Yourself – choose healthy, wholesome foods prepared with love.

Notice the Blessings – when we take stock of our blessings, we receive more of them.

Be Gentle with Yourself – you are precious.

Accept Yourself Unconditionally – let go of who you think you should be and fall madly in love with who you are in this moment.


Something Bigger is on the WayThis 52-card deck comes in a box that is 4 inches by 5.5 inches and about 1.25 inches in depth. The cards have rounded edges and are printed on the most lovely paper – sturdy matte paper with a soft, velvety feel. I think you will really like it! You can buy the cards here!

**The list price for the card deck is $14.99 but I’m offering it at a special price for $13.00.


Kris Carr – Kris Carr is a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and wellness activist. She is the author of numerous books and the director and subject of the inspirational documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer – which chronicled her transformative journey from diagnosis to healthy living. Kris has appeared on Good Morning America, Today, The Early Show, CBS Evening News, Super Soul Sunday, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. She regularly lectures at hospitals, wellness centers, corporations such as Whole Foods, and Harvard University. Visit

Lori Portka – Lori Portka is a licensed artist whose mission is to spread love and happiness through the art she creates. Utilizing bright colorful imagery, her messages are about thankfulness, being true to yourself and extending kindness to others. Lori’s greeting cards, gifts and stationary are carried in more than 100 locations in the U.S, Canada, France and Australia. Visit her at

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  • Mary November 1, 2016

    Out of all the decks of cards I own (10+) these are truly, by far, the favorite. The last women’s gathering I had, I was surprised these didn’t come up missing. Everyone absolutely loved them. They are the first deck of cards that actually sit out on the counter 24/7 and are touched daily. My daughter and I absolutely love the feel of them along with the colors and messages. Excellent job ladies!!

    • Lori August 30, 2017

      Oh really? That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you! xoxo

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