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Art and Cards for Your Moms

This is my newest painting, just in time for Mother’s Day! It makes me think of mothers and grandmothers and older wise women who are not our biological mothers, but still have that motherly energy in our lives.  My own mom and mother-in-law get sweeter with each passing year. It seems that with age comes a certain innocence and kindness.

I love this photo of me and my mom because we are laughing so hard.  I don’t even remember what was so funny at the time but I love that this moment was captured.  My mom and I seriously have the best ever laughing fits.

I made this painting for my mom during my Hundred Thank Yous project.  When I was little she used to say “I love you this much,” and spread her arms as wide as possible. I would try to spread my arms even wider to show I loved her more. We would do a similar thing when I would say, “I love you to the moon,” and my mom would say, “I love you to the moon and back!”

Both paintings are available as prints and greeting cards in my shop.  All orders by May 6th will ship in time for Mother’s Day (US shipping only by May 12th.)


In other news, I started Vivienne McMaster’s course Be Your Own Beloved today.  I feel that it will be really transformative.  I just know this.  You know how when you know things?  That.  Here is my first selfie, Taking the First Step.  





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