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Oh my goodness.  What a weekend it has been!  One of my greyhounds ate some Advil (toxic to dogs) and spent the night in the animal hospital.  Poor guy- I believe he is on the mend now.  It brought me back to several years ago when my dog Claudia ate an entire box of dark chocolate covered expresso beans.  What drama that was!

Today I am over on Root of She where I wrote a post about friendship between women.  (Hint: We are awesome.)

Here is part of it:

In the media, friendships between women are often portrayed as caddy and insecure.  My experience is that friendships between women are full of depth, gentleness, grace and wisdom.  Girlfriends listen empathetically with their hearts wide-open.  They are not afraid to hear pain.  A friend holds the painful stories of other women, quietly and lovingly.  This makes the pain lessen and love grows stronger.  Girlfriends create a safe place to share heartbreaks, jealousies, anger and fear without being judged or criticized.  My girlfriends teach me over and over that I am okay just as I am, even when, in my darkest moments I am certain that I am not.  They remind me that I am always loved, no matter what.

Tomorrow I will have a Pay it Forward post inspired by my dear friend, Julia and her blog, The Painted Path.

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  • April Cole February 28, 2011

    I thought the artwork looked familiar on Root of She. Beautiful piece as usual ! :]
    Great article, and the artwork fit in perfect.
    Always a pleasure to visit, glad I stopped by!

  • julia February 28, 2011

    I love you a million zillion times, each and every part of you. Such an honor to be your girlfriend….how you’ve brightened my life with the color of you.


  • Justine February 28, 2011

    I love my sisters … and you are now also one. So glad our paths have crossed. I have so much to learn from you and I hope I can be there for you also. Much LoVe xx

  • Anna February 28, 2011

    A lovely sentiment and painting! I will go read the rest of this post.

  • Alia February 28, 2011

    Lori, I was just looking at this painting of yours last night, thinking how grateful I am for the new friendships I have in my life right now. Thank you for this beautiful celebration of connection.
    Love to you.

  • Susie March 1, 2011

    this is the one I gave to one of my girlfriends for Christmas and it was perfect. It was from me and our other oldest friend. We’ve been friends since fifth grade. That’s 27 friggin years! I’m heading over to read your post. you rule.

  • Tara March 2, 2011

    Oh my gosh!! I hope your dog is ok! Why do they DO stuff like that? It makes me crazy. Leaving our house is a huge ordeal. I have to walk through several times to make sure there’s nothing out that he’s going to get into.
    And, lovely artwork as always!

  • robin norgren March 7, 2011


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