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Grateful for New Friends

Photo by Hailey Bartholomew. From left to right- Amy Gill, me and Hailey in my backyard.

Photo by Hailey Bartholomew. From left to right- me, Amy, Zali, Katie, Jay, Andrew, Poppy and Hailey.

Meet my dear Australian friends, The Bartholomews (Hailey and Andrew and their two girls, Zali and Poppy) and Amy Gill!

They all flew from Australia to upstate NY and were a large part of my Hundred Thank Yous opening!  It was such an enormous honor to meet them in person that I can hardly put it into words.  They spent 4 days with us in June and I’m still feeling happy from the sweetness of their visit.  Hailey and her family came to the US to film my opening as part of her documentary, 365 Grateful.  The film is about the extraordinary positive power of gratitude.

It was such a gift to meet these amazing people in person, after getting to know them on line.  I’m sure I will share lots more about all of this, later.  My husband and I utterly loved the Australians.

Here are some of Hailey’s beautiful photos

Photo by Amy Gill

Photo by Amy Gill

Here is a bit more about the film Hailey is creating, 365 Grateful.   I can hardly wait to see it! from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.


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  • Julia July 31, 2012

    Oh, Lori! This all gives me goosebumps and fills my heart so full. Watching you soar is such a gorgeous, beautiful, precious thing.

    Love and more love. And still more…

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