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Green is My Happy Place

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See this girl on the mountain?  She is me.  Arms wide, looking out at the green fields, open to receive, feeling peaceful.

This is a painting for a card in the Love Notes card deck that I illustrated for Kris Carr.  Now the original painting sits on my desk.  I am looking at it now.  It means so much to me because it represents how I want to live.

I recently moved from upstate New York to Asheville, North Carolina.  One of the main reasons for our move was because we wanted to live where there are mountain views and trees and endless miles of trails to hike.  It took me many years to realize how much the green in nature means to me.  I could be having the worst day in the world and if I take a walk with my dogs, outside on the earth among the trees, I am sure to feel better.  It seems like the trees absorb some of the feelings and I begin to feel lighter and calmer.

The mountains here feel like Home to me.  The trees are Home to me.  The rolling green hills are Home.

My arms outstretched, I am so grateful.


On the same theme of green, my dear friend, Rachel Awes, has written a book called The Great Green Okayness. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek into this book and oh my- it is so beautiful! Rachel has a gift for truly hearing and seeing people with profound love and acceptance.  As I was reading the book, I began to see myself as she sees me-  radiating light and goodness.  Arms outstretched, I adore this book!  

Pre-order her book here.



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  • rachel awes December 1, 2015

    Lori Portka is also my happy place. Thank you, friend. xoxo

  • Michael December 1, 2015

    I love the thought of you with your arms outstretched embracing the beautiful green surrounding you! It is lovely how your painting echoes Rachel’s outstretched arms in the photo on her book. Two beautiful souls Sharing their ever-green light and magic with the world! Thank you for your post and the link to this book! Looks perfect!

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