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Guest Interview with Marcie Scudder

Wow, what a week it has been! Part of me can’t believe this is the last day of this year.  When I was little I used to feel sorry for the old year because everyone was so happy about the new year.  Compassion has always been a strength of mine, haha.

Marcie Shudder interviewed me for her Saturday Salon Series (what an honor!).  Thank you Marcie!  Marcie is a fabulous photographer.  You can see some of her photos on her website– below are two of my favorites.  But it was hard to choose- she has so many amazing photos of traveling, nature and turkeys (I love turkeys.)

My big news of the day is that I just bought a MacBook Pro!  I am beside myself.  It was time.  I think I was the last artist left still using a PC.  But I am actually typing this on my PC because we are still in the process of transferring files over…I am learning my way around the apple world.

There is so much to share- so much that is going on inside my head that I want to write about.  But this is actually supposed to be a week off- I’m laying low with computer work and social media.  My friend, Lisa and I are getting together tonight with our husbands and we will do some kind of ritual to say goodbye to what we want to leave behind this year and bring in all the goodness of the new year.  Can’t wait.

Next time I write it will be on my new and fabulous and shiny Mac!  Grateful. Grateful.  Happy New Year Friends.  Much love to you.

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  • Marcie December 31, 2011

    Happy New Year Lori!!! And – thanks for sharing your story. Wishing you ..creativity and laughter and light!
    And – congrats on your macbook (I’m still on a PC…but dreaming of getting myself there myself..someday!).

  • Michele Clausen December 31, 2011

    Oooooh…once you go Mac you never go back! My daughter has a Macbook Pro and it’s divine! When this old PC dies and goes to heaven, I am getting a MAC!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Lori. You shine!

  • Holly Knott January 1, 2012

    Don’t laugh, but I haven’t touched a Mac since I owned a Mac Plus circa 1989. So maybe I’m the last artist on earth using a PC, LOL! Congrats! You’ll have to give me lessons! 😉

  • Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy January 13, 2012

    I am a PC girl all the way, ha ha….so there’s atleast one of us left out there;D

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