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Hearing From Our Angels

Hearts Collage1

I believe hearts are signs from dad!

My first experience with an angelic being was with my dad. 

He died when I was 15 and my mother fell into a deep depression.  It became dark and unsettling in our home.  There was so much suffering.

And the deep suffering confused me a little bit.  I was devastated and missed my dad terribly, and felt afraid of what would happen to us without him.  But, at the same time, I felt this tiny bit of hopefulness around life and death.  I didn’t grow up with any formal religion, but have always felt a deep sense of faith and a belief that there is more to our lives than what we can see here with our eyes.

I felt that my dad was around me still, that his spirit was still living.  I could feel the energy of his love even though his physical presence was missing.  I found a lot of comfort in that.

One night, several months after he passed, I awoke in my sleep with this feeling that he was standing in our hallway at the top of the stairs.  I walked out, looked down the hall and there he stood, arms wide open.  I was delighted to see him.  I remember that he was beaming love and sweetness.  We hugged and he told me that everything would be ok.  He said that he was ok and that I would be ok.  (He was always a man of few words.)  And then, I think he told me to go back to sleep. 

The next day when I woke up, it was as if all the weight was lifted off of me.  I knew without a doubt that I had heard from my dad.  I knew our souls live on after our physical bodies die.  I knew that I could carry this memory and feeling of love around with me in my heart.

But I kept that story a secret from my family. I sensed my perspective was different from theirs.  My beliefs gave me comfort and a deep feeling of peace.

Years later, I meet my gorgeous friend Liv in person (we were internet friends for years before meeting face-to-face.)  In one of our many conversations, Liv told me that she used to see angels when she was little.  She would perform plays for them in her backyard until one day when she realized that not everyone could see them.  

A few years after that, when I saw Liv again in person, she told me that she was now talking to people who had crossed over (essentially she was a medium, but wasn’t calling herself that yet.)  She gave me a reading and my dad showed up.  There was no possible way she would have known the things that she said to me from my dad.  She was clearly communicating to him.  It turns out that my dad stayed with Liv for a long time when she was first learning to process what she was hearing.  We both believe he was teaching her. 

On one level I was blown away by all of this.  But on another level, I thought of course.  Liv is just finding her way back to her true calling, one that she knew of as a young girl.

Move forward two more years, and now Liv is hearing from a group of ascended wise ones that call themselves Spirit.  It all sounds a little crazy (and believe me, Liv and I have both been in hysterics talking about how this could sound to someone.) 

But it only sounds crazy until you hear what Spirit has to say.  And then? 

It just sounds like Truth. 

Deep, resonating Truth. 

Tears in your eyes, chills and goose bumps, Truth. 

It’s like coming home, Truth.


More than anything, I want my artwork to serve a higher purpose in the world.  I am deeply grateful and honored that Spirit asked me to be a part of this program, Infinite Purpose.

 Please join us if you feel called to do so. We’d love to share all of this magic with you!

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