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I blew a fuse and blew my fuse + WILD Sister

So, I made my first video…by myself.  I edited it all by myself.  And, I don’t care that it took me 154 hours to finish.  I did it!  Yay for the new MacBook!  The video is for this month’s Year of Wishes Calendar.  The wish for the month is May My Mind Be at Peace.  Interestingly, I tell a story of how I lost my peace.  That’s sort of how I roll.  I am learning and changing and growing- always growing.  In-between I meltdown and I recover again.  And it’s all good- all of the parts- both messy and pretty.

You can view the video on the Year of Wishes page here.

There is something about Wild Sister magazine that makes me pour my heart out in all of the articles.  The February issue is about Self-Love.  I immediately knew what to write and I got a vision for the painting to go with it.  I find Wild Sister to be enchanting, luminous and divine.  I was thrilled to see that Jen asked Gabrielle Bernstein to share her wisdom in the pages!  So much love  here.

PS: To celebrate Wild Sister and Self-Love, the cover art print is available in my shop for only $15 today until midnight.   Wishing you a Self-Loving day!

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  • Kate February 2, 2012

    Lori – I loved your video ! thanks for keeping’ it real sister – you are just beautiful from the inside out (+beyond!)

    can’t wait to see more on the 100 thank – you’s !

  • Marcie February 3, 2012

    What a terrific cover!! Am now heading over to see your video. YOU GO GIRL!!!

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