Art and Love from Me to You

I’ve Been Dying to Tell You!!!

I’M PUBLISHING A BOOK with my friend, Liv Lane!

We’re sharing personal stories along with inspirational messages and lessons from Spirit complete with original illustrations from me. For those of you who don’t know Liv, she’s a wonderful friend, a talented writer and mother of two boys, who happens to communicate with divine beings who call themselves Spirit, and love ones who have passed from this life.

For this beautiful project, Liv is doing the writing, I am creating the artwork, and Spirit is guiding us both to deliver this light-filled message into your hands through our self-published book!

Our book is based on an online course we put together at the end of last year. Some of you are familiar with the course called Infinite Purpose, as we quickly gathered over 250 soul sisters and a couple of brave brothers to participate in an incredible 8-week adventure.


It all began last fall after I texted Liv when I heard that 8 of my paintings were rejected by a major publisher for a huge illustration project I was working on. I had several re-do’s of paintings throughout the project that were not a good fit (understandable when doing such a large number of illustrations), but when I turned in the final large set of images to the publisher, I mistakenly thought my work was finished.

Then I receive the message that the editors wanted me to re-do EIGHT of them.  I felt so defeated, insecure and confused. I felt strongly about the paintings that were turned away- I was connected and clear when I was working on them. I felt like the paintings came through me… how could I be so wrong about that?

I texted Liv in tears.  “The publisher just rejected 8 of my paintings.”

Liv texted back.  “WAIT. WHAT?!”

She then began to tell me that a few days earlier, Spirit communicated to her that they wanted to do a project with Liv’s writing and my artwork. They would need 8 paintings from me for this project.  (She didn’t want to tell me at the time because she knew I was so busy with illustrations!)

But when Liv received my text, she instantly heard, Those are for you. We start November 8th.

Spirit assured us: to say the paintings were rejected is a misnomer; they were explicitly chosen for this endeavor, commissioned in accordance with the lessons and laws we seek to share among those who have felt the calling of the light.  

I immediately felt a knowing that this was all true. Tears and chills and mountains of gratitude. Now it made sense why I was so clear on the paintings. I felt a shower of calm wash over me.

What came to life in the weeks that followed was crazy.  We pulled together the online program, a collaboration between Spirit, Liv and myself called Infinite Purpose.  And participants (including Liv and I!) were blown away, and hearts opened, and tears were shed, and goosebumps were flying all around.

Liv and I could FEEL that this was something BIG.  The messages from Spirit were deeply resonating.  Way more people than we ever imagined signed up within just a few weeks. We knew there would be more of this magic-making but we didn’t know exactly what…yet.


Shortly after the first of the year, Liv kept seeing a book flash before her eyes and I kept feeling like Spirit was encouraging me to create new artwork.

A BOOK.  Infinite Purpose- Care Instructions for Your True Calling will be a book.  As soon as we said Yes, Spirit worked to put us in touch with just the right self-publishing partners to get this creation started. (We love you Wise Ink Publishing!)

It is being made on purpose with Light and Love for all of the hands that hold it.

We are thrilled and amazed and out-of-our-minds excited!  Honestly, we can hardly contain our excitement.  It feels like we are creating a treasure for you.

Please keep in touch with us as all of this magic unfolds!  We will share behind the scenes making of our book, along with stories and wisdom from Spirit on our Infinite Purpose Facebook Page here-

We are looking forward to seeing you there!  Stay tuned for more goodness to come!