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lake house love

I was away this past week at a beautiful lake house with my dear friends- Four couples, three teenagers, one adorable 2 year old girl and two very cool dogs.  We had such a great time!  It is amazing what a week away laughing with family and friends did for my heart.

I did learn an important lesson on this trip in relation to my art business.  I’ve decided that I need to do things differently for me to fully enjoy my breaks from work.

From this point on, here is My Vacation Vow:

I will set up my email account to say that I am out of town and will return at such and such a date.  I will do the same with my voice mail.  I will  make a blog post that announces that I will be away from my computer for a while.  I will put my etsy shop in vacation mode or at least announce when purchases will be mailed upon my return.  I will do this all with love and set an intention to be present and fully enjoy my trip.

I didn’t do any of that before I left  a week ago.  And I got lots of emails, phone calls, wholesale orders, direct messages on twitter, etsy sales, requests for special order paintings. . . I am so grateful for how my business is growing.  So very grateful.  But this was the first vacation that I realized I need to do more to unplug so my customers and friends do not think I disappeared and am being rude and unresponsive.  Also I would like to truly relax while I am away with the people I love.  After all, isn’t that the point of vacation?

So, lesson learned.


rainbow over the water

morning yoga with a gorgeous lake view

beautiful home cooked meals like handmade vegan wonton soup- delightful!

on a boat tour to the wineries

beautiful vineyards

hiking to amazing gorges

me and my girl friend, Mellie


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  • Alia August 28, 2011

    Such beautiful pictures, Lori. Thank you for sharing these little gems of your vacation here. You are radiant and so filled with love!

    Big hug,

  • rachel awes August 29, 2011

    lori, this looks so refreshing, grounding, & abundantly nourishing.
    looooooove to u. xox

  • Lisa G. August 29, 2011

    What a beautiful trip! I’m so glad you got away with your loved ones. Also, congrats on your business flourishing!

  • jen : painted fish studio August 29, 2011

    it’s so important to unplug! i haven’t learned how to do it myself, but your post reminded me that the next time i’m away i must try. your vacation was well deserved and looked like so much fun! i do hope you’re able to unplug the next time you get away.

  • Jennifer Richardson August 29, 2011

    swooning over the skies
    and food
    and love
    you enjoyed.
    so happy for you:)

  • vinyl banners August 29, 2011

    I had goosebumps looking at your pictures when you are on that hiking adventure. That is one amazing view that I’ve seen. We are planning to have some trekking activities too.

  • Kate D August 30, 2011

    Oh wow – looks like you had an amazing time! The gorge looks just fabulous! And yes, you deserve to totally unplug and enjoy vacation without thinking about the business. Technology is crazy how we can never really escape unless we’re intentional about it hey?

  • Margie August 30, 2011

    Wait, you and Mellie look like sisters!!! So glad you came to this conclusion, but thrilled you had so many orders and positive things in your inbox! Glad you had such a wonderful trip. Now, get back to work woman!!!!

  • Traci September 5, 2011

    Looks like a really wonderful vacation 🙂 Congrat on all your orders!

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