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Let us all be thankful

Let us all be thankful

Some of you know that I am preparing to exhibit at the National Stationary Show for my first time in May. This show is no joke! But the truth is that most of the time I feel like, “I’ve got this.” I know it is the right next step for me. I know I am ready.

But also? It is a crazy load of work and money and I really don’t know what I am doing, and I fall into a panic and wonder, who do I think I am, really? I wonder how I will ever get everything done and if I will ever remember all that I will need, and how my booth will ever look good enough, and how I will ever survive hour after hour being “on” for four straight days and…on it goes. I have already shed a few tears. When I have spiraling thoughts like that, I know I need a moment of peaceful solitude to breathe and to listen. It is funny that when I give those anxious thoughts some space and I really hear them, they quiet down.

And I usually start to feel grateful for the opportunity! And eventually, I get back to feeling more like “I’ve got this” even though it’s wildly scary. Even though I have doubts.

Sometimes I forget, but I wish I would always remember that gratitude is magical and changes everything.

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