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New “I AM” Prayer Flags + 20% Off + Upgrade


I am SO excited about this new set of Prayer Flags! 

This brilliant I AM Prayer Flag idea came from my friend, Liz Lamoreux. She makes Soul Mantra Lockets and Talismans, many carrying the same meaning. (I LOVE them all!) We talked about how important all of these messages are to each of us. They are a reminder of the truth that resides within us. 

The flags read:
I am enough.
I am brave.
I am light.
I am home.
I am worthy.
I am whole.

Since this is the season of giving, I added a special- when you buy bundles of 2 Prayer Flags you get 20% off!  Keep one and give the rest away!

buy 2 graphic

Plus, ALL of my Prayer Flags have been NEWLY upgraded! 

-Bigger, brighter on higher quality paper
-Beautiful new sheer, iridescent ribbon- 5/8″ wide
-Cloth bag with new wrap-around package design 

This makes me so happy.  I will be working super hard on product launches and redesign since I just signed the contract to attend The National Stationary Show in NYC this spring (scream!)  

More about that later!


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