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nurturing our creative dreams

I know where the inspiration for this painting comes from-Thank you to SARK and the book, Making Your Creative Dreams Real. I have been reading the book recently and doing many of the fun little exercises.

Like making  a list of all the self-defeating thoughts about my creativity and then burning the list.  She suggests ripping it up, but I wanted to be even more violent with the list and turn it into dust.  When I sat and thought about it, I was kind of surprised there were so many of those thoughts floating around.  SARK calls them “the gang of inner critics.”  I am learning to befriend my silly inner critic monsters so they loose their power over me.

It is interesting to watch my creative dreams unfolding.  It feels exciting and vulnerable and messy and brilliant and scary and exhilarating all at the same time.  But this mix of emotions seems somehow true of all the things in life that really matter so I’ve decided to embrace all of it.

I made this collage painting for all of us who are nurturing our creative dreams.  May we hold true to our creative spirits, smile lovingly at the grumbly doubtful thoughts, and continue to grow toward what we love. Amen, sisters.

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