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only love is real


This is a part of a painting for one of my favorite spiritual teachers. Her book, A Return to Love, changed my life by changing my perspective and bringing me closer to love. I am forever grateful for her.

Hello and Happy Friday!  It is fun when you work for yourself because you tend to forget the days of the week.  Or at least I often do.  But I still love Fridays.  And snow days.  Even though I am not teaching in a school district any more.

Anyway, I am currently in the process of working on 6 paintings for the Hundred Thank Yous project.  I just had a flurry of ideas come to me so I wanted to get them all down on the canvas.  Then I will work on each canvas one at a time.  I am more than half way finished with 100 paintings.  It’s a good feeling.

I am really excited about a couple of things going on in our on line community!

*Stay tuned to Kind Over Matter on Tuesday– Amanda created a beauty you will want to see!

*I am taking Liv’s e-course, How to Build a Blog  You Truly Love.  Man oh man.  I can hardly say enough about this course.  There are 3 more days to sign up.  It is JAM packed with so much valuable information.  I am so grateful for it- just the inspiration I needed to bring my blog to the next level.

*I love Julia and The Painted Path.  Check out her Zendo page.  I worked on paintings the other day while watching all the videos and listening to the audio clips.  I was having a rough morning- stuck in a cycle of negative thinking.  After spending time on her blog, I was changed.  It reminded me that what we are all doing here, in this blogging world, makes a difference.  It matters.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

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  • aimee June 10, 2011

    this piece is a beauty! i miss you!

  • Clare June 10, 2011

    i couldn’t agree with you more about the blogland community – its filled with amazing souls – people willing to be open about theire stuggles and joys spreading kindness and love. it has blown me away and is being to have a real impact on my external life as well as my internal workings

  • Liv @ Choosing Beauty June 10, 2011

    You are the bestest. Totally love this piece…and then I see your love for me here, too. You know how to make a girl’s cup runneth over! xoxo

  • jean June 10, 2011

    Wow! 100 paintings and your half way through. I commend you. what is most amazing is that each and every one is supurb. Beautiful.

  • Julia June 10, 2011

    Oh goodness do I love this painting and the spirit of you that shines right through. You are a precious one, Lori. My heart is pitter-pattering all over the place right now…I am so happy that “The Zendo” helped shift things for you, it’s serving its purpose then. Thank you for including me here today.

    Only love is real…it’s so so true.

    I love you, my beautiful, spreader-of-happiness friend.

  • kathryn June 10, 2011

    thanks for the recommendation, i just signed up for Liv’s e-course too…always wanted to take a course on blogging and like you, I want to take my blog up a notch or two!!

  • Alia June 11, 2011

    Such beauty here, Lori. I love you dear friend.

  • Marcie June 11, 2011

    Your art is so filled with love and life. This piece – no exception!!!

  • Elloa June 11, 2011

    Hey Lori,

    I saw the title of your post and ACIM came to mind straight away – this is, after all, one of the most loved and oft-quoted messages in the course. What a beautiful image met me on the page! Thank you for sharing this beautiful gratitude to an amazing teacher.

    Elloa xx

  • rachel awes June 11, 2011

    & ooooh i love you, woman!
    beautiful painting, dear one.
    & yesyes to liv & julia love too!
    real juicy goodness! xox

  • April Cole June 11, 2011

    You are very inspiring, to complete 100 paintings for this project.
    Thank you for sharing your talents :]
    Love your dandelions in the piece!
    Great work, always <3

  • brooke June 12, 2011

    Such beautiful happenings. I am really getting it, that ‘only love is real’! ACIM just keeps blowing my mind at its clarity. I love all that you are doing. I think it is beautiful that you are bravely honoring all these people on your path. It makes me want to sit down and just remember everyone I’ve ever met, and meditate on the beauty of the experiences that were part of being driven by a bigger force. Sending love!

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