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On my Hundred Thank-Yous blog and I am showing little parts of my paintings and some of the story around why I am making a painting for that lovely person.  I am not sharing any names yet- it is 100 paintings for 100 people– then I will have an exhibition where all the beautiful people I made painting for are invited, and lastly, 100 days of giving where I will post the full painting, full story and name behind each painting and take it to the post office to mail (for 100 days!)  I can’t wait to send them out into the world!

This morning I am busy working on both of these paintings.  And I am sending thoughts and prayers to New Zealand.

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  • April Cole February 22, 2011

    Wonderful artwork…
    enjoy the visit each and every time! :]
    Thank you for sharing.

  • kathryn February 22, 2011

    after your last post you have inspired me, so i starting reading 29 gifts (which had been sitting on my bookshelf for over a year!) and start giving more of myself and small gifts and be more conscious of being grateful…so thanks!!!

  • Alia February 22, 2011

    These paintings are just beautiful, Lori. I am so inspired by your spirit of giving.

  • Anna February 22, 2011

    Your colors make me think of summer! So fun.

  • Brooke February 23, 2011

    Pure, pure, pure prciousness. Thank you so very much for being you.

  • Julia February 24, 2011

    Man, Lori, seriously…there is too much goodness here for me to even comment on.

    It’s all just so damn beautiful.

  • Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy February 28, 2011

    ohhhh can’t wait to see them all revealed one by one. It’s going to cost a small fortune in postage, ha ha but it’ll be sooo worth it for the lucky recipients of the work & for you. XO.

  • hailey March 1, 2011

    oh this is lovely Lori… can’t wait to see the full collection! It is amazing what your doing!

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