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Postcard Love

I received this postcard in the mail and it shocked me for a second.  

It was a post card from my gratitude kit, A Month of Thank Yous, sent to me from my friend, Corinne.  

How exciting!  I never thought about someone sending a post card to me.  If I had any lingering doubts about how transformative gratitude is, they are gone now.  My focus through my entire gratitude project has been on bringing more gratitude into my life.

When I created the kit it, I made if for the BUYER to feel the changes a month of gratitude brings.  Truthfully, I didn’t really think too much about the receivers of the postcards.

Until now.

It is so incredibly sweet to get a handwritten postcard in the mail!  There was an indescribable feeling of connection that I felt throughout my Hundred Thank Yous project that I felt again when I received this post card.  It pulled me out of my head and into my heart.  It brought my attention back to what matters.

My friend, Alia, also send me a postcard from Bali.  I teared up when I read it.  

So often the mail consists of bills and advertisements.  

Nice to get a little love instead.

PS: The New 2013 calendar – A Year of Love, is being printed as I type this!  It is another collaboration with my dear friend, Lisa Sarick, and I am not shy to tell you that it is beautiful.  The actual calendar is beautiful (much bigger than last year, includes “Up the Love” cards + a FREE poster with new artwork!)  I could jump up and down with excitement.  

If you are not already on my mailing list, sign up on the right hand side to receive the Special Offer when the Year of Love Calendar is released next week!

AND, the Be Beautiful Bangles were such a big hit (quickly sold out!!) that I ordered more and will start painting them this weekend.  Yippee!  

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  • Jess October 31, 2012

    I love to get hand written cards in the post. I had one last week from a special friend as I’d been unwell. It changed my day, my week! I keep them in my sketchbook so I can look back and feel happy that someone took the time to send it to me. Keep spreading the love! 🙂
    Jess x

    • LoriP October 31, 2012

      Jess, I hope you are feeling better! big hugs xoxo

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