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My post on being afraid, vulnerable and BRAVE at the Inspiration Studio.

It is so interesting to me that I am doing so much writing now.  I write posts for Roots of She and the Inspiration Studio and I just sent a post on kindness to Amanda for Kind Over Matter.

I never thought of myself as a writer.  But just last night I had the realization that I am a writer.  Really, I am.  I love how life unfolds in such beautiful and unexpected ways.  Since I have been doing the Hundred Thank-Yous project I have noticed that I am more open and willing to share the truth as it is.  I am noticing that I am not trying to be more open and I am not trying not to.  It is just happening this way.  It is so hard to explain but it is like I am more connected to what is real in an authentic and peaceful way.  I like it.

The UPS guy just came a minute ago and thank goodness!  I have a big greeting card order for the book store at the Omega Institute to fill and I ran out of ink!  I  love, love, love printing from home but I learned that I must always have  extra cartridges of ink, greeting card paper and print paper in my studio at all times.   And after a moment of stress, I reminded myself that running out of supplies is actually a good problem to have!


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  • Julia March 10, 2011

    Precious, Lori…oh, how I adore & admire you. Your paintings, your writing, your big heart…all of it melts me into a big, puddle of love.

    I so enjoyed your interview from a few days ago and yesterday’s post on “Inspiration Studio.” You are so right there, so to the point, so open & honest & brave.

    Thank you for showing all of us what’s possible when you follow your bliss. So beautiful to be here witnessing it all.


  • Alia March 10, 2011

    Lori, this painting is bringing tears of knowing to me right now. I am speachless…

    I am so grateful to you for speaking your truth and sharing love everywhere you go. That beautiful woman in this painting is certainly you and I celebrate you right now! Love to you my dear spirit sister.

  • April Cole March 11, 2011

    Thank you for sharing this story.
    I agree… we never know how life is going to unfold.
    What we started with, along the way, might not be what we end up with… and that is okay :]

  • keishua March 11, 2011

    This is such a lovely picture. I think life is so interesting because you never know where it will take you. Makes things juicy. Peace.

  • jacqueline March 11, 2011

    Dearest sweet Lori, i really love this painting and the message on it. Some thing i needed to hear today. 🙂 Im so happy and feeling bless that i could connect with you. You are very inspiring!
    I am back here visiting and catching up! Thanks so much for your well wishes on my move! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  • brooke March 11, 2011

    Oh my gosh, yes, you are so a writer! Thank you for showing up to enrich our lives!

  • Anna March 13, 2011

    Lori, indeed you are a writer and a talented one at that! Thanks for sharing your creative nature in all you do.

  • Indeed, that’s a problem I want to have, ha ha.

    I LOVE this new image, it’s so beautiful.

    I find that friends have made fun of my writing in the past, because I apparently ‘write like I speak’ and my grammar isn’t the best and since then I feel shy about my writing skills which is so silly because I love to write and express my true self and feeling.

    Here is a question for you: Do you ever get nervous in being so open and honest…do you ever feel like your saying to much, or worry that you’ve said it the wrong way? or that people won’t understand you…and even think you silly or weak for having the desire or need to share so openly? I feel all these things. I don’t want to and I am working past it but I do.

    For example, I am taking an ecourse which is really intense, asks alot of questions and causes me to really look within myself and part of that course is sharing…but I find I am sharing alot more than most of the people and my recent writing made me pause and think ‘oh my god, I said to much, what if they take that the wrong way, etc’ and I actually rushed back into the class to delete what I had written but it wouldn’t let me, so of course I had a panic attack.

    But are we not offering up goodness and braveness indeed, when we expose our souls and tell our true stories….we’re all human after all….some more feeling than others yes for sure. After my panic attack I thought, ‘no, just trust that your okay, just trust that your story, that you honesty will find the ears and fall onto kind hearts, just trust that you’ve done nothing wrong in being authentic’. Oh boy the doubts us creative types go through, ha ha.


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