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Reaching for the Light


I took this photo in Asheville, NC on a recent trip there.  I was in love with the gorgeous statue against the blue sky.  But when I looked at my iPhone photo, I nearly wept. The ray of light is going right across his hands!  He is reaching up and into the light.  I felt like it was the biggest reminder for me to reach for the light that is always there, even when I can’t see it.

I recently had some bad business news- a loss of money I wasn’t expecting. I felt myself wanting to go into a pit and my head was swirling with stories and they were all dramatic and sad.  But I remembered the Light.  I live my life on purpose.  I am aware of the signs.  I want my work to make a difference in the world.  I believe I am co-creating with the universe.

Maybe I could just take 5 deep breaths (like my friend Liz teaches.)

Maybe I could just trust that this bump in the road was indeed guiding me to something better.

Maybe I could breathe through it instead of freaking out and spinning stories.

Maybe I could ask for help from the angels that are always there, even when I can’t see them.

Maybe I could trust.

Maybe I could let go of what I can’t control.

And then I did something dramatic!  Instead of fretting alone, I shared with a friend (who happened to call me right as I was feeling on the edge.)  We made a plan.  I played my favorite music.  I made a chocolate smoothie.  I danced with my dogs (they like music) and I decided to be happy anyway. Even though I was a bit afraid.  Even though things were uncertain.

I offered my worries up to the universe, like the photo of the statue, and I felt peace.

I trust the light will catch it.


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