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Shine Your Light : Connecting with your Creative Angels

I believe my artwork comes through me and onto the canvas.  I don’t believe it is all created in my brain alone.  I think it is bigger than that.  Sometimes, I notice creative ideas or inspirations swirling around me, nudging me, letting me know they are ready to be expressed.

When I did 100 paintings for my gratitude project I could see how the ideas for each painting showed up when I showed up.  It felt to me like the ideas were “out there” and when I opened to them, they floated (or sometimes they flew) into my head.  Maybe that sounds crazy, but I get the feeling that if you do any type of creative work, you have had this experience too.

So I decided to become really intentional about inviting the creative ideas into my workspace.  I decided to open up and ask for help from angels and spirit guides. I believe it is this connection with spirit that helps me shine the brightest.

Sometimes I feel resistance and fear.  I worry that my work won’t be good enough. This happens when I am thinking about other people and what they will think of me, rather than keeping the focus on my work.  I’ve learned over the years that all I really need to do is show up.  I need to sit in the chair at my art table.  Just sit there no matter how I am feeling.  Close my eyes.  Start by saying thank you. Thank you for this time and space to create. (I talk out loud if no one is around.) I thank all my angels and guides and people who have passed, like my dad and my dogs, Claudia and Mason. I thank them for being with me. Sometimes I wait a minute until I feel a sense of their presence.

And then I become intentional.  I ask for help. I let them know that I want to make artwork that resonates and uplifts people, spreading healing love to those who buy it or receive it as a gift. I want to make art that serves a higher purpose. I let them know that I am open and I am ready.

Ready to Shine.
I am a huge fan of Karina Ladet, so when she asked me to be a part of her Shine Your Light Blog Tour I was in 100%.  I recently had a reading from Karina and she is utterly delightful.  In her kind and compassionate way, she offered wisdom to guided me on my path and help me to SHINE.

ShineOneYearJan-300x300If you are ready to receive the loving support and clarity you need to Shine Your Light in 2015 intuitive reader and channel Karina Ladet is offering you 4 intuitive readings and 4 guided meditations to help you tap into the energy of each season throughout the year. The journey starts in January and you will receive all the one one one guidance you need to make 2015 your best year yet. This offer is limited and is open until January 31 so if it resonates, join in now.

Read yesterday’s post in the Shine Your Light blog tour: Breathe More : Stress Less : Be Happy by spiritual mentor and healer, Ruby Toad, and receive 18 days of luminous inspiration by following the entire blog tour here.

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  • Karina January 12, 2015

    What a beautiful post, Lori! Thank you so much for sharing your story and how you connect before and while you create your artwork. Your work always radiates so much love and a beautiful, soft and healing energy. And thank you for your kind words xoxo

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