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Your Family Painting

Your family paintingThis is a Custom Made Painting of your family filled with warmth, love and lots of color!

Your painting will include:

  • Up to 5 members of your family and up to 2 pets (showing the backs of everyone, just like the images)
  • Flowers of your choice (roses, sunflowers, cosmos..)
  • A colorful butterfly

Your painting will be a similar version of the two sample images, but with the people and pets you love!

What I need:

  • I will need a description of your family- or better yet, a few photos. I basically need to know the hair color and height everyone is relative to each other. If you have any pets, send photos of them along as well. I can be reached via the Etsy convo or my email address, art(at)
  • I will also need you to tell me your favorite flower for the painting.
  • The rest is done by me!



il_fullxfull.498214808_idomThis is a mixed-media painting using paper, acrylic paints and fine art markers and done on an 8×10 gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are 1.5 inches wide and finished just like the painting. It will arrive ready to hang without framing.

Made with much love for your sweet loves.

PS: I will get in touch with you after you order as soon as possible so we can begin 🙂


The cost is $325 plus shipping.


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