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A Gratitude Kit

Your love has wings!

Gratitude is central to how I want to live my life.

My project, A Hundred Thank Yous, took 1.5 years to complete. During that time, I was deep into gratitude with each painting I made. The project stretched my ability to love and appreciate. I found that I was more present and in the moment, appreciating the smallest of gifts. The consistent practice of thankfulness brought even more things to be grateful for in my life and inspired me to find a way to share this with others.

I created A Month of Thank Yous – Gratitude Kit in order to extend gratitude beyond my original project to reach as many people as possible.

Your Guide To Gratitude

This card set is designed to help you focus on gratitude for one month. At the start of each day for 30-consecutive days, take a quiet moment to think about someone who is a positive influence in your life. With the thought of that person in your mind, write a note on one of the cards expressing your gratitude for them. Then mail or hand-deliver the card.

Included In The Kit

  • 3-each of 10-postcards – from the Hundred Thank Yous gratitude project. (30-total, one for each day of the month) Size- 5 x 6.5 inches
  • Gratitude Guide – a simple guide for using your kit.
  • 10-custom designed postage stamps – with my artwork titled, “Blowing Gratitude Kisses”…for mailing with extra love.
  • Printed on card stock with archival inks – perfect for mailing and framing.

The energy of gratitude is real. It grows and expands, attracting more and more good to it. Gratitude pulls you into the now and uplifts. Gratitude is the most beautiful prayer there is.

I believe it would be impossible to give one of these cards out in gratitude for 30 consecutive days and not feel changed for the better by the end of the month. I would love to hear your stories when you are finished with your project! Email me at and I’ll share on my blog.

Love has wings. Love spreads and heals.

10 custom-designed postage stamps included in the kit- for mailing with extra love!

This kit is a good value- here’s why. You are getting 30 frame-able postcards on heavy weight cardstock for a little more than a dollar per card + 10 custom designed art stamps. You will touch 30 peoples’ lives with sweetness. You will strengthen your ability to appreciate others. Your loving actions will reach farther than you can imagine and in return, you will be lifted up in love. Love has wings. Love spreads and heals. 

Here is the kit for my Beautiful International Friends- The Gratitude Kit without the custom designed US postage stamps!

Start A Month of Gratitude here!

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  • Alia August 21, 2012

    Lori, this is so beautiful. Just ordered mine. 🙂 I truly believe that gratitude creates miracles. Thank you for all that you do – and most importantly for being so authentically YOU.

    • LoriP August 21, 2012

      Dearest Alia,
      Thank you thank you! Your printing has been sitting in a pile next to go to the post office. I will mail it today with your other things.


  • MS August 21, 2012


    It’s a great gift! Thanks. I am wondering if there’s any discount for people from Asia to make it affordable for us? The dollar rate is too high at the moment 😀

    Please think about it.


    • LoriP August 21, 2012

      I sent you an email 🙂

  • Janna August 21, 2012

    Lori, a few years ago for Lent instead of “giving up” something I decided to write a note to someone for 40 days. It was so amazing how good it made me feel to do it. Not to mention how it made the receiver feel. Many of them had not received a hand-written, mailed letter in years.

  • Jess August 21, 2012

    They’re so bright and joyful! What a lovely idea, I’m sure these will be very popular! 🙂
    Jess x x

    • LoriP August 21, 2012

      Thank you so much Jess! xo

  • Julia August 22, 2012

    Lori! This is an absolutely brilliant idea.

    “Gratitude is the most beautiful prayer there is.” Yes, I fully agree.

    You are a beautiful person, my friend.

  • Jenni August 23, 2012

    Oh Lori, What a beautiful idea!!

  • christy September 2, 2012

    i too find I do better when I can focus on the positives in my life, i keep a gratitiude journal and send thank you notes often (I love real mail)….this kit is a beautiful gift you are sharing…thank YOU!

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