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Super Soul Sunday Surprise!

me-paintingHi sweetest friends!

Elizabeth Lesser (one of my favorite authors) is going to be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this Sunday, Oct 2nd, and if you keep watching, you might see a glimpse of me!

Watch this Sunday on the OWN channel. Keep watching until the end! Yaaay!!


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  • Donna Cano October 2, 2016

    My Sunday mornings are combined with coffee, peacefulness and Super Soul Sunday. I am so happy to see the segment on your art and your touching of the souls. Your work is beautiful, bright and you can see that it comes from the heart. The segment made my heart warm and smile. I am a big believer in sharing and giving to others. My favorite musical artist Dave Matthews Band has a line from a song that says, ‘ when you give, you begin to live’. Our entire community follows this motto.
    I am sharing your page and spreading the love.
    Thank you for being you and wanting to heal and spread happiness one heart at a time.
    Have a blessed day, Lori.

    Your newest fan,

    • Lori October 2, 2016

      Donna what you wrote is beautiful. Thank you. So grateful for you and this comment!

  • Leslie Suyama January 15, 2017

    Love love love what you do.

    Leslie Suyama

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