Art and Love from Me to You

The Creative Ritual That Connects Me to My Purpose


This creative process came to me gradually as I worked my way through my Hundred Thank Yous project two years ago.

I begin each painting by organizing my art table and putting a blank canvas in front of me – then I light my abundance candle. Next, I take out my favorite essential oil and my sensitive soul essence oil and apply them to my hands, temples and heart. I breathe in the aromas that I love so much and hold my favorite heart rock crystal in my hands.

Then, I close my eyes.

At this point, my mind is usually racing and I begin to feel fear creeping in. Sometimes it takes me a while to get centered and calm.

I start by saying thank you. Thank you for this time and space to create. (I talk out loud if no one is around.) I thank all my angels and guides and people who have passed, like my dad and my dogs, Claudia and Mason. I thank them for being with me. Sometimes I wait a minute until I feel a sense of their presence.

For me, it starts with tears or a rush of emotion that lets me know I am not working alone.

Then I ask for help. I let them know that I want to make artwork that resonates and uplifts people, spreading healing love to those who buy it or receive it as a gift. I want to make art that serves a higher purpose. I let them know that I am open and I am ready.

Then I open my eyes and begin.

I am continually amazed and grateful for how it works for me. I have always felt like my best artwork comes through me. It is not created in my brain thinking about concepts and images, alone. Every time, it seems that each painting is out there somewhere, and I just have to open myself to receiving it.

So when my friend, Liv Lane told me that Spirit said they picked 8 pieces of my artwork for Infinite Purpose and they wanted me to work with her on this program, I was all-in from the start.

Absolutely, Yes!

badge with shadow8 days. 8 teachings. 8 paintings. Starts Nov 8th

I know that so many of you are spreading goodness and light in your work, or wanting to do so, and being a force of good on our planet. You are the people that Spirit is calling to this program.

I have been hardly able to contain my excitement to hear what Spirit has to say through Liv! Lucky for me, yesterday I got a sneak peek at my first painting for this program, with the first message from Spirit. (It feels like I have a back stage pass to this event!)

I was speechless. It was incredibly powerful and resonated so deeply, down to my bones. So, I had to call Liv right away. We talked about how crazy and awesome and amazing this whole thing is. We felt overwhelmed with gratitude. I got off the phone with her feeling more peaceful than I have in weeks.

After reading the first message (Day 1), I am even more excited for everyone who has joined us!

For those that haven’t signed up yet, but feel drawn to it… It starts in THREE days!

This is big and magical. I know it.

We’d love to share this experience with you.

Beauty In You_edited-1

This is the painting I made for Liv for my Hundred Thank Yous project. It feels like it was a premonition of things to come!

PS: For my creative ritual, I use doTERRA Bliss and Sensitive Soul Essence Oil made by my friend, Alia Indrawan. I love them both!

With much love and gratitude,

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  • Judit Gueth November 5, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your creative process! It sounds so blissful and almost meditative! I’ll have to incorporate some of that in my design process too!

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