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So, this morning I woke up feeling foggy and was a little slow to start.  If I’m being honest, it was a bit of a rough weekend. My husband and I were stuck in an argument that kept repeating itself and each time it restarted we both felt more weary and wanted it to stop.  Everyone with a partner knows how that is, right?  We worked it out, but today I woke up with a bit of an emotional hangover. 

It’s a good day for self care.

I made my favorite tea in my favorite Anthropologie mug and green juice, and I asked that I could let go of all the stuff in my mind that didn’t matter and was bringing me down.  I wanted to go into my studio this Monday morning with a clear purpose, open-hearted and ready to do good work for the world. 

But in that moment, I wasn’t feeling ready at all.  So I meditated. I sat for today’s meditation with Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge (which I love.)  The meditation was about Dharma – working with the universe – finding out what special talent one has to give and then sharing it with the world.

Funny how often life unfolds when you step back to let it work for you – during the meditation, I got an order in my Etsy shop from a lovely woman who wrote this to me:

Hello!  My children and I made vision boards for ourselves yesterday.  I put your artwork front and center on mine, and my daughter used it on hers as well.  It was a meditation woman from the cover (and then the smaller picture of the same art inside) of Natural Awakenings Magazine a few months ago.  That piece speaks to my soul.  Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.  I went to your website this morning and saw all of your other beautiful pieces.  Your light shines through your art.  Namaste.”

I teared up at the end and felt so grateful!  It pulled me back into why I do this art.  It focused my attention on what matters, changed my perspective, and pulled me out of the pit.

I am back in my studio: Happy Light on (I’m making sunshine inside even when it’s very gray and snowy outside); Pandora station Brighter Than the Sun, and two beautiful dogs sleeping peacefully in front of the heater. 

Blog post (check), fill orders and finish custom order painting up next.

I love this day! 

(I am SO giving this customer lots of extra goodies in her package today!)


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  • Kristin Noelle January 28, 2013

    Oh, I love the reminder this is that things can shift so beautifully. So glad to hear about your day!

    • LoriP January 28, 2013

      Kristin, your sweet face in the comments makes me so happy. Thank you <3

  • Andrea January 28, 2013


  • kathryn January 28, 2013

    lovely comments like that from buyers/clients sure make things worth while!! and it can certainly lift your spirits!

    love your sunshiny room…my family room/studio is the same color!!

    • LoriP January 28, 2013

      Kathryn I really love that color too! It is in my dining room. I thought it was a little bright right after we painted it but I still loved it. My step-son said he felt like he was eating dinner in a pineapple. LOL

  • Alana January 29, 2013

    I love the synchronicity of the order and note you received. You bring so much beauty to the world Lori – and you’re so darned adorable! That photo of you just beams right off the screen. Your post is such a wonderful reminder of what can happen when we take care of ourselves, instead of continuing to push into the fog.

  • Anjali January 30, 2013

    I so needed to read this. I didn’t know about Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge. So happy that meditation found the way out of the ennui for you. It is so important to come out of the pit to know why we are here on earth. But then the pit perhaps is also ok while one is in it 🙂 I guess That Which Made us has even the tiniest particle in his vision and love.

  • Julia January 30, 2013

    I love you, Lori Portka. You shine so brightly.

  • Shelly February 17, 2013

    Hi Lori, I just read about you and found your web page from the Natural Awakenings magazine I picked up today at Whole Foods. Saw your blog post about Depak Chopras 21 day meditation and was a bit amazed. I did his 21 day meditation challenge when it was offered free a few months ago and during the last few days of meditation I would get sales and or inquiries in my etsy shop each time I was meditating! So glad you picked up painting again later in life. I have a similar story with my sewing and painting 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  • Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy April 24, 2013

    Lori you are beautiful in and out…even on your foggy days I am sure:D XXOO.

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