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The Sweetest Thing

Here’s the sweetest thing.

Lisa and I have had such a lovely response to our Year of Wishes Calendar (and video!)  I’ve been beaming for days.

But here’s the sweetest thing that was so unexpected-  Almost everyone who purchased a calendar, bought more than one so they could keep one and give one away.  I know it’s near the holidays, and I know people often buy my work for gifts, but for some reason, I just never expected that so many people would order multiple calendars.

I LOVE that this calendar has inspired people to keep one for themselves and give one or more away.  It makes my heart burst.  And its not about the money, although I’m happy and grateful for abundance.  It’s about the giving.  The giving to oneself and to others.

It is so easy to put love into the calendars as I print, package and send them.  It all feels like love.

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  • Alia November 21, 2011

    I want this calendar too! 🙂 Do you ship to Bali?

    Loving you dearly!

  • aimee November 21, 2011

    it turned out beautifully — you should be proud! xo

  • Eydie November 30, 2011


    Your calendar is beautiful. Your art always brings sunshine to my heart.

    I loved your video with Lori. It was so much fun watching you both at the end.

    Oh, and I recently saw your art and story in a previous issue of Artful Blogging” .
    I was showing it off to friends this pass week.
    Be proud, you are amazing!

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