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therapy rocks

I like going to therapy.  When my husband and I got married (a second marriage for both of us) we decided to START our marriage in therapy.  We thought that was better than trying to fix things once they got out of control, if they ever did.

Wow, was that a good decision.  We’re smart like that.

I still remember the first day we showed up.  Our therapist was recommended to us from two of our closest friends who started going themselves when things were getting a little rough in their 10 year marriage.  So every time we went out to dinner with them all we heard was, “Oh, our therapist, she blah blah blah..”  And we saw happiness and growing and honesty and realness in their relationship.  That is when my husband and I decided we wanted more of that.

Anyway, back to the first day we showed up for therapy.  We were actually excited to start.  It felt so proactive of us.  We were feeling proud and beaming with it.  See, both of us had troubled first marriages (obviously, since they ended) and if you have ever experienced the end of a marriage then you understand.  It bites.  And on some level we both carry the emotional wounds of that brokenness.

Not that I think couples need to be or even should always be together forever.  I actually believe more in spiritual partnerships that run an honest and natural course that may be for life or may not be.  But that is another post altogether.

We knew we wanted to grow as a couple and work on our individual stuff so that our lives would be better.   This prayer from Marianne Williamson that was part of our wedding ceremony speaks to this so sweetly.

We surrender this relationship to You and ask that it be used for Your purposes.  May our resources and talents and energies and love be pooled and lifted up in Your service.  May we become together even more than we are apart. May the light around us forever shine.  May the space of our love be a space of healing for ourselves and all the world.  Amen

We only occasionally use therapy to manipulate and threaten in the middle of a fight.  Usually it’s me.  “Wait until our next session!  I’m telling her what you said!”

So, I’m a fan of therapy.  I like getting in there and talking about all of it.  I like that it keeps me honest.  And I ADORE my therapist.  Adore her.  The painting above is part of the painting I made for her for my Hundred Thank Yous project.  It says, “You listen with your whole heart.”  Yes, she does.

And I am so grateful.



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  • Joyelle June 30, 2011

    I LOVE this painting, and I agree with Liv, it is so fantastic that you are being proactive about strengthening your relationship. Finding a good therapist can be a life saver!

  • Liv @ Choosing Beauty June 30, 2011

    We did this too, Lori! I’m so glad we started going to therapy before we were married. But life eventually got in the way and we stopped going – I’m so impressed that you continue to go to keep your relationship healthy and in check. Love that you shared this – and how sweet is it that you made a painting for your therapist!? Awesome.

  • brooke July 1, 2011

    You guys are smart like that! Thank you for sharing and honoring!

  • Megan July 1, 2011

    What a beautiful painting and thank you for sharing – what a lovey story. I think your Hundred Thank Yous project is just amazing 🙂

  • Bárbara July 1, 2011

    Hello, beautiful flower of light!

    Your words were my sign, the sign I asked this morning to the universe. Thank you!

    And I want to share that we had valentine’s day here in my country some weeks ago and I decided that I want your art as my gift. I want your light here in my therapy center. So my husband is waiting for me to decide what pieces I want. It’s so hard to do that! But I will and I’ll let you know when it happens.



  • Jean July 1, 2011

    Love the different colors of the hearts. Shows how you look at things that are the same and yet different. Thaks for sharing .

  • Jill Locke July 1, 2011

    I love therapy too!

  • hailey July 3, 2011

    oh yes I love therapy too! 😉 Been too long since I was at your beautiful site and looking over your work and reading your heartfelt words. Ah I love to visit!!

  • April Cole July 6, 2011

    This is a wonderful painting!
    What a wonderful reflection of your relationship, with your husband :]
    All the best <3

  • Amy July 14, 2011

    Therapy is wonderful. I like it too

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