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This is Happening! (Wow)


I’m not sure exactly when Liv and I became friends, but ever since that moment she has felt more like a sister-friend to me.  I remember when Liv first told me that she talked to angels when she was a little girl. She eventually learned that none of her friends or family could see these visions, so she shut down that ability in an effort to be normal and fit in. I was fascinated.


Liv guarded this secret for a long time.   Years later, I witnessed as she began to trust her intuitive abilities again and started to see it as part of a bigger calling in her life.  Her career path shifted as she began doing intuitive readings.  Then, a year ago, she started hearing from a collective group of ascended wise ones that call themselves Spirit. 

My husband and I participated in Liv’s course, Into the Light, which was a series of lessons from Spirit, and were completely blown away.  We set up a Firecracker Session with her just before the National Stationery Show.  To say it was amazing is an understatement.  It rocked our worlds.  It sent us off to NYC with confidence and clarity (instead of confusion and fear- the state I had been hanging out in for a while.)  The reading gave us perspective and we learned to turn to our angels and guides for help.  I see the signs they leave me (like hearts!) and life feels sweeter knowing I am not alone.

Two weeks ago I texted Liv with some frustrating news.  I illustrated a 52 card deck for a big publishing company.  I was told that I would have to re-make 8 paintings that they didn’t feel were a good fit for various reasons.  Essentially, they were rejected.  I admit to feeling defeated (even crushed) about it at first.

But Liv’s reaction was,  “WHAT?  8 Paintings?”  She then began to tell me that Spirit had told her that they wanted to do a project with her and my artwork.  They would need 8 paintings from me for this project.  When I sent her the text, she heard, Those are for you.  We start November 8th

Spirit assured us that, to say they were rejected is a misnomer; they were explicitly chosen for this endeavor, commissioned in accordance with the lessons and laws we seek to share among those who have felt the calling of the light.  I know, right?  

In the days that followed, Liv received detailed instructions from Spirit to rapidly coordinate logistics for an offering designed to expand possibility, inspire innovation and deliver abundance to “makers, thinkers and healers.” 

Wow.  So, here we go!   Click the picture below to learn more.  Something magical is happening.  

8 teachings. 8 paintings. 8 weeks. Starting November 8th.

I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

badge with shadow

 PS:  We are turning the Infinite Purpose paintings into a beautiful set of Prayer Flags that we will mail to you at the end of the program!  (Just like my other Prayer Flags, but with the Infinite Purpose paintings + messages.)  I believe that even the slightest bit of air spreads the messages outward and into your space, a beautiful reminder.  Details here.

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  • ~Christy October 25, 2014

    oh you guys!!! I’m so excited 🙂 xxoo

  • Vivienne October 25, 2014

    You two are gonna make pure magic together!

    • LoriP October 26, 2014

      Thank you Vivienne. <3 So excited!

  • Joanne October 29, 2014

    You don’t mention whether you will rework art for the deck of 52? It is not uncommon for most publishers to ask authors and illustrators for changes. You are so fortunate to have a way to immediately reuse the 8 paintings that were displaced. Lucky you! Enjoy.

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