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There are now Valentines in my shop..send a little love to someone you love!  I am so thrilled about my greeting cards- they are now printed on glossy 11 mil paper.  They are thick and sturdy with gorgeous color!

Speaking of  love, I wrote a post for Roots of She called I am a step-mother.

Now, I am headed back to my studio to put the final touches on a custom order.

And the sun is shining.  Sweetness.

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  • robin norgren February 3, 2011

    Lori, this space is so so so so GORGEOUS! It is definitely bursting with color which I ADORE and I adore every detail!

  • rachel awes February 4, 2011

    oh yes..your valentines! loooooovely!
    honey, my heart bursts your way ALL valentines month.
    love you! xoxox

  • Diane Knott February 5, 2011

    Lori, best of luck with your new blog! Looks adorable!
    Hugs, Diane

  • Mariel Proulx February 5, 2011

    Beautiful post, Lori. My step-father and I both struggled with our relationship. It had been just my mom and me for 10 years and then he swooped in and our lives changed. Admittedly, now, I can see that they were mostly for the better but it took until I was grown and on my own to see all the love he showed me. His care for me affects all parts of my adult life. He is more my Dad than my own had been and no other could have prepared me better for the realities of life. He taught me to toughen up and figure things out but, at the same time, to not let the seemingly small joys in life be taken for granted… to always stop and savor the beauty that exists in every setting and situation, no matter how dismal it may seem. As rough as he may seem (ex oil-rigger in Texas, electrician, construction, sheet metal worker- now an RN, after Carrier left), he is the most sentimental, passionate, and strong man I know… never afraid to let his love be shown to family and friends.

    I’m so glad that you have that kind of relationship, as a step-parent. Everything happens for a reason- you were put into each other’s lives to exchange views and sentiments that you might not have ever explored otherwise. And that? Is a beautiful thing. <3

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