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Weekend Wish

My wish for you this weekend is a calm presence in your own heart, regardless of the circumstances around you.  This is something that is often really hard for me to do but I have been able to (a few times) find the calm center inside me during the storm…if I can just remember to breathe.  Much love, Lori

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  • rachel awes September 14, 2012

    when i opened your link + saw HER, i was startled in a GOOD way.
    big/quick in-breath…audible! oh how i love + still can’t get over such gifting. she still sits at my bedside. lorilooooooooove. xox

    • LoriP September 17, 2012

      I love that she is at your bedside. xo

  • aimee September 14, 2012

    a very timely thought — i will take that directly to heart! happy weekend to you, lori! xo

    • LoriP September 17, 2012

      Aimee!!! Can’t wait to seeee yoooou!

  • Alia September 14, 2012

    This is stunning. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful wish this weekend. I’m taking a deep breath now and feeling the peace, even amongst the massive construction noise next door. 🙂 Love you, Lori.

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