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Weekend Wish + Beautiful Souls

Bali Beauty- a new print in my shop.

I made the painting above for my dear friend, Alia Indrawan.  She is a sweetheart of epic proportions.  I connect so much to her writing, like her post on healing from anxiety.  I have decided that I am definitely signing up for a Sensitive Soul Empowerment Session with Alia.  I love the internet where we can all find our tribe of like-minded sisters.

This is part of the reason why I am so happy Alia nominated me for this gorgeous Glowing and Flowing award from Christina Zipperlen of Ananda Designs Jewelry.  I got to meet a new, warm-hearted artist and I won a pair of vibrance earrings!  I can hardly wait to get them!

Here is a little excerpt of Alia’s nomination:

“Lori’s open heart and giving nature remind me that there is still hope of a loving, peaceful planet where we are free to create in ways that are meaningful to us and others.  In a world that doesn’t really support creating our own lives based on what brings us joy, it is refreshing to see women like Lori, who are paving the path for the rest of us to just do it anyway!  She is truly a “wayfinder” and part of the team of collective souls shining love out there.”   -Alia Indrawan

When I received Christina’s email about the nomination, I was speechless.  I felt so grateful for the kindness and generosity of both Alia and Christina.  Then I went to Christina’s website and fell in love!  What makes her jewelry even more beautiful is the spirit in which it is made- I love what Christina says on her About Page:


This weekend, my wish to you is that you feel your own beauty and inner light and let go of the dreaded comparisons.  This is also my wish for myself this weekend as I often compare myself to others.  May we let go and shine!

Much Love,



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  • Alia August 24, 2012

    Oh Lori, I just LOVE you. This has left me beyond words. I can hardly wait to have this gorgeous painting in my home. I am so happy that you love Christina’s jewelry – it’s so beautiful. I have the Santosa mala that you mentioned is on your wish list. : ) I think you’re going to love wearing that. So delicate and the energy of it is powerful. This loving post has made my weekend, beautiful friend. Thank you so much. xoxo

  • Christina August 24, 2012

    Lori, you just made my heart smile!!! Deepest gratitude for your sweet words – sending you so much love. I feel like I’ve just won another soul sister – thank you beloved Alia for connecting us!

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