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What’s Real with Rachel Awes!

What’s Real with Rachel Awes from Lori Portka on Vimeo.

I am so happy about this interview with my artist/writer/psychologist friend, Rachel Awes! Rachel has a new book she wrote and illustrated titled All I Did Was Listen. Her book combines anonymous quotes from her psychotherapy clients with illustrations + written reflections from Rachel that tell a story everyone can relate to and feel as part of their own story- filled with messy bits and beauty.  I read it with tears and goosebumps and my hand on my heart almost the entire way through.  

In this interview, Rachel shares the inspiration for her book, how she pushed through feelings of doubt and fear during the 4 years it took to create, and how it feels to have her book endorsed by SARK (and Kelly Rae Roberts)!


I am one of the lucky few to have read the prototype of her book before it went to press and loved it so much that I ordered 5 of them to give as gifts.  You can buy it as one or a girlfriend pack of 5 (includes 5 of Rachel’s greeting cards and 5 bookmarks) for the holidays. 


Side note about what it is like inside my head:  So, you guys.  I did this video with Rachel weeks ago, and I couldn’t get it to upload and I stressed and called the apple store and stressed some more and tried again and went to the apple store and gave up and freaked out and tried again and yesterday my husband swooped in like an angel and fixed it with one setting, in one second.  And I learned a lot.  About letting go, surrendering, trusting right timing and remembering to ask the angels for help.  Yes.


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  • Barbara Petri November 20, 2012

    I love this interview! I love Rachel’s art… it’s so inspiring! She really has a wonderful energy… A truly inspiring woman!

    Thank you for allowing us to know more about her book and her journey, beautiful Lori!

    Much love

  • rachel awes November 20, 2012

    thank you sweet deeply, my friend lori portka.
    la ha hove you! xox

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