Still, She Blooms (5x7/8x10)


This painting is called Still She Blooms.

I made this painting for an art exhibit in Asheville where all of the profits went to Planned Parenthood. When I think of everything we have collectively been through as women (especially women of color) and we are still standing, still rising, I feel such a deep sense of love and pride for all of us.


  • Highest quality giclée print glued on sturdy cradled wood | colors will not fade
  • Vibrant colors are hand-embellished and look like the original
  • Comes ready-to-hang with a saw tooth hanger and rubber bumper pads on the bottom corners for added stability.
  • No framing is needed!


  • 5x7" 
  • 8x10"

Note: Send me a note for larger-size pricing options. Dimensions will need to be proportional to the sizes listed

The Wood Print Process:

A lot of loving care goes into each wood print. I am very fussy about them. My husband makes fun of how intense I am about making wood prints. They need to be perfect! Haha :)

We start with the highest quality giclée print, which we purchase locally. Our printshop color matches the original painting and the final results are so bright and exact that it even shocks me!

My assistants carefully glue each print to a cradled wood board in my studio and I add hand-painted embellishments. Once that is dry, I add several layers of a UV-protective acrylic topcoat to the whole piece. The sides are varnished wood finish and are 3/4.

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